In this section you will find very useful stuff for your cycling tour whether you have thousands of miles under your belt or are new to this. Prior to my first trip I read a few books, watched many videos, and talked to my cycling gurus which inspired me to follow this liberating lifestyle. It was until I put all that theory together in practice though, that I created my own experience and based on this you are reading my own recommendation.

What inspired me to write this?
First, the “paying forward” attitude. I’m very grateful with all the people who helped me before, during, and after my trips, and I want more people to tap into the information learnt.
Second, many people asked me for advise on different topics, for instance “what to pack?”, so this is an easier way to share my recommendation.
Third, I stop writing my blog for 9 months and people over 40 countries are still opening it…

Feel free to drop a comment on any section!

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