Lockdown in Costa Rica

After cycling Cuba we came to Costa Rica for some days of yoga, meditation, and volunteering. We ended up being here for 7 months due to the lockdown. Lockdown in Costa Rica wasn’t bad at all as you will find on the video.

We started doing yoga, meditation, silent retreats, for the first couple of months. Then we continued doing volunteering and work exchange right in the middle of the jungle. In comparison to our friends and family back home, being Lockdown in Costa Rica gave us freedom to move within many acres of nature. Pretty much more movement than we ever had during our regular life.

Our first stop was Pachamama, an amazing place for yoga, retreats, just visiting, or volunteering. You can also drop everything and move-in provided that you have the means. This place was built on a clean flat cattle land purchased 20 years ago. They started reforestation, and although is going to take 150 years to go back to what it was, today it’s incredible to see how much wildlife it holds. Food is mostly vegan and amazing!

Osho Hall in Pachamama, Costa Rica

Our second stop was Cascada Elysiana. An eco-lodge where we ended up for more months than the originally planned 30 days. You can camp, stay in a dorm, glamping tents, or in cabins. These last ones have their one private bathrooms. Most of it is bamboo construction which you will find in great abundance around the area. They have many trails and the hospitality is really good. There we did work exchange and volunteering work around.

After these two places we stayed in Manuel Antonio for a month to work on our projects. At this time, the pandemic is not over yet but we need to do important immigration stuff in the US for some days and then we will let you know where we are going next. Thanks for watching!